Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn Taylor BUYS dead drug addict pal’s kid in shock plot


DAWN Taylor has been taking a break from all the drama after being arrested for dealing drugs.

Next week in Emmerdale, however, she takes a risk by buying her late friend’s child in a twisted storyline.

Dawn finds out her best friend has died next week
She meets with another former friend called Jade

But she soon makes a shocking discovery while visiting her

While Meena Jutla made life in the Dales difficult and the quest for Jamie Tate has been playing on her mind, motherhood has been nothing short of harrowing for village resident Dawn Taylor (portrayed by Olivia Bromley).

After losing custody of her son Lucas, she finally managed to clean up her act and get him back – only to risk losing him again when his father Alex blackmailed her into dealing drugs for him.

This led to her being taken away by the police amid an ambush.

And there could be more legal issues brewing for the young receptionist when she finds out her best friend Beth died from an overdose.

Initially unsure if she’ll attend her pal’s funeral, Dawn is encouraged by her husband Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) to go ahead and she resoles to attend the funeral.

She finds another friend called Jade and both reflect on their past after the funeral.

Although she knows it’s not a good idea, Dawn eventually agrees to go back to Jade’s but upon arriving, she finds a child in her friend’s threadbare house.

The girl is called Clemmie (Mabel Addison) and Dawn is shocked to find out from a drugged up Jade that she’s Beth’s daughter.

More importantly, Clemmie has no idea her mother has died.

Dawn is further unnerved when a dangerous man walks in and, in an attempt to help Clemmie, offers to take her home for safety.

She goes as far as to suggest paying to bring Clemmie home.

The situation goes south and Clemmie grabs Dawn’s hand.

After an exchange of money and her shoes, Dawn and Clemmie leave together and go back to the village.

Shocked, Billy pleads with his wife and urges her to call social services – but Dawn refuses.

Billy eventually concedes to letting Clemmie stay with them for one night.

Will Billy be able to convince Dawn to do the right thing?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV.

Dawn finds her late friend’s daughter

She’s desperate to bring her to safety

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