Emmerdale spoilers: Ethan and new vicar Charles go to war with the Dingles as he’s framed for drug dealing by Sarah


ETHAN and new vicar Charles turn on the Dingles next week in Emmerdale as he’s framed for drug dealing by Sarah Sugden. 

Drug dealer Danny will return this week in the ITV soap and kick of a series of major storylines in 2021 beginning with Sarah’s return to drugs.

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Ethan tells Charles he’s been suspended from his law firm after his arrest

Viewers will remember that Danny left the village at the beginning of 2020 after he tricked Sarah into selling drugs on his behalf – and she reported him to the police. 

But it won’t take long for the dealer to worm his way back into Sarah’s life this week as he embroils her in his drug dealing stunt during a stag do at the Woolpack.

When Chas finds a bag of pills, she calls the police and, as they arrive and conduct a search, Sarah hides the drugs in Ethan’s pocket.

Debbie returns and realises Sarah is nowhere to be seen
Debbie finds Sarah and Danny undressing and taking drugs in a barn

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Ethan tell Charles that he’s been suspended from his law firm over his recent drug arrest. 

Meanwhile, Debbie arrives back from Scotland with Zak only to realise that Sarah has vanished off the face of the earth. 

After a frantic search, Debbie and Charity eventually find Sarah taking drugs with Danny in a barn in the middle of nowhere. 

Sarah comes clean about framing Ethan for drug dealing

As they burst in, they’re horrified to see Sarah undressing.

Danny makes a run for it while Debbie demands answers from Sarah, who eventually breaks down and admits how lonely she’s been feeling. 

She then comes clean about planting the drugs in Ethan’s jacket at the stag do. 

Will Debbie clear Ethan’s name and put Sarah in danger?

Later, viewers will see Ethan turn on Sarah after growing convinced she’s responsible, but Nate tells him to back off.

Speaking about Danny’s return, actress Katie Hill – who plays Sarah in the ITV soap – revealed: “The start of this year is going to be quite an eventful one for Sarah as a lot is going on that will affect her – and she’s left feeling lonely and unwanted. 

“When Danny returns, she sees an opportunity to feel wanted and cared for by someone again. 

“However, as we know, Danny has a dangerous past with drugs. Will Sarah get dragged down this path again?”