Emmerdale spoilers: Grahams devastating confession leaves Kim heartbroken


Graham Foster is about to drop a major bombshell on Kim Tate that will leave her utterly heart-broken in Emmerdale.

The former lovers have been clashing lately as Grahams romance with his mystery woman has heated up, leaving a jealous Kim out in the cold.

Kim Tate admits she still has feeling for Graham in Emmerdale

After he spurned her offer of an afternoon in their favourite hotel in Leeds, Kim became aware that Graham has been spending a lot of time texting someone else.

Shes soon going to become absolutely convinced that Graham is seeing someone and will make it her mission to find out who.

But, after seeing Graham and Andrea exchange some heated words, she jumps to the wrong conclusion and believes theyre secretly sleeping together.

Kim will be seen confronting Graham before its finally revealed that Rhona Goskirk is actually his new love.

Kim Tate is livid when Rhona is revealed as Graham’s new love interest in Emmerdale

And a furious Graham will round on Kim, telling her that shed better get used to seeing the pair of them together.

When Kim hits back at him, Graham cruelly rips her world apart by revealing that it was her son, Jamie, who gave the police the evidence that saw her jailed.

Kim is crushed by the betrayal. Will Jamie be able to convince her to forgive him?

Kim whos played by Claire King in the ITV soap was released from prison earlier this year and revealed as the true owner of Home Farm.

The glam blonde fled the village back in 1999 with a baby Jamie after stealing a horse and trying to frame ex-partner Steve Marchant with the crime.

She also stole money which Chris Tate found, leading her to attack him and leave him for dead.

She disappeared in a helicopter with her son, so it can be assumed that her crimes eventually caught up with her, with a little help from Jamie.

A scornful Kim will turn on Graham next week when she announces a company restructure at Home Farm that sees him demoted.

Smiling at him while she delivers the killer news, Graham manages to keep his composure. For Now.

But it looks like the lines have been drawn in the sand for the former lovers. Where will their war end?