Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet devastated as Will dumps her over Malone’s murder – and she’s forced to remain as vicar


HARRIET Finch is left heartbroken next week in Emmerdale when Will Taylor brutally dumps her after discovering she covered up Malone’s murder.

Harriet will announce she wants to quit as the village vicar but Dawn insists it’s essential for keeping Malone’s body hidden in the church’s graveyard.

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Will dumps Harriet after discovering her involvement in Malone’s murder

Malone finally met his end as Dawn shot him three times in self defence after he tried to force her to take her own life by overdosing on heroin. 

Viewers then watched in horror as Harriet and Dawn buried the detective in a recently dug grave in the churchyard after rolling him up in a carpet.

And Harriet managed to persuade Dawn, who wanted to hand herself in, to pretend that Malone had gone on the run.

Harriet announces she no longer wants to be the village vicar
Dawn tells Harriet she has to keep up the pretence to keep Malone’s burial spot hidden

But the guilt is set to get to Dawn this week on the soap and she spills the beans about the murder to her dad Will.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Harriet devastated as Will tells her they’re finished. 

Still oblivious to Malone’s murder by Dawn, Billy is left confused by the break-up. 

Later, Harriet tells Dawn that she doesn’t feel she can continue with her career as the town vicar but a panicked Dawn tells her she has to – or Malone’s burial spot might be discovered.

Harriet agrees but tears off her dog collar, full of regret and guilt. 

Later, Harriet receives another blow when Will tells her that he’ll be moving out as soon as the police stop sniffing around. 

Dawn is left facing a huge dilemma when Billy refuses to give up on their relationship without trying. 

But when Billy pleads with her to give him another chance, Dawn lies and insists she never loved him. 

Fans of the ITV soap are convinced that Malone – who’s already survived two murder attempts – won’t actually be dead, and that he’ll claw himself out of the shallow grave Harriet and Dawn plonked him in.

As well as this Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw teased that the body won’t stay buried for long.

She said: “I’m pretty sure given that it’s a soap, that body won’t stay buried there forever and there will be some reason later on why that body needs to be moved, and we can fully enjoy some dark, grisly, grave digging in the future!”

Might Harriet be in for a bigger shock than getting dumped?

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