Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet Finch accuses lover Malone of trying to murder Moira after she discovered their affair


HARRIET Finch accuses evil DI Malone of trying to kill Moira Barton next week in Emmerdale.

The farmer is the victim of a gruesome hit and run accident this week on the ITV soap shortly after stumbling upon Harriet flirting with DI Malone in the church.

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Harriet accuses Malone of running over Moira after she discovered their affair

DI Malone then sneaks into Moira’s house and threatens her to stay quiet about his affair with Harriet and dodgy business. 

But little does he know that Cain is watching from the shadows after getting the wrong end of the stick and assuming Moira is having an affair with Malone.

Malone protests his innocence

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Jamie realise with horror that he must have hit Moira after bumping into something in his car when Lydia reveals that she’s been the victim of a hit and run.

Meanwhile, Moira’s friends and family reel from the news of the gruesome accident.

Cain and Matty fret over her bedside at the hospital. 

Elsewhere, Harriet accuse DI Malone of trying to murder Moira after she stumbled upon them in the church. 

But Malone insists that he had nothing to do with the hit and run. 

Could this be end of Harriet’s affair with Malone?

Emmerdale fans are convinced that Harriet will end up murdered by one of her lovers after continuing her affair with Malone while agreeing to marry Will.

Might Harriet push Malone over the edge when she accuses him of bumping off Moira?