Emmerdale spoilers: Jai Sharma turns to cocaine as he tries to cope with his business stress


EMMERDALE fans should prepare themselves for some hard-hitting scenes as Jai Sharma turns to drops to cope with a business all-nighter.

The struggling father’s downward spiral takes a disastrous turn as he gets a stash of cocaine delivered in a pizza box.

Jai struggles with the workload when Al fails to pull his weight

Jai is in the midst of an explosive feud with villager Jimmy after unfairly accusing him of abusing his son Archie.

But fans of the ITV soap know that it is in fact Laurels son Arthur who has been terrorising Archie and framing Jimmy for it to cover his own tracks.

Arthur is struggling to cope with his mum Laurel replacing his dad with partner Jai, and has been taking out his anger on his son.

And now since Archie ran away, viewers have watched Jai lose the plot and tell the village to keep their children away from Jimmy.

Jai loses some vital sponsorship for the business

And on top of personal issues, Jai has been struggling with work stresses.

Jai went into business with Al and Kim but the pair are failing to pull their weight, leaving Jai to struggle with the workload.

In an upcoming episode, Jai faces difficulties with the outdoor adventure park business as he is forced to cover for Al.

Jai stashes the cocaine under his desk as he prepares for an all-nighter

When Jai loses some vital sponsorship, Al hurries out to try and rescue the situation.

But things worsen for Jai when a deadline is moved and he has to pull an all-nighter to get the work done.

Jai orders his favourite pizza takeaway and asks for a special order.

Graham notices that Jai is on edge as he receives his pizza delivery and is immediately suspicious.

When the pizza box arrives, Graham is shocked to realise it contains a bag of cocaine.

Jai stashes it under his drawer but is later tempted – will he succumb?