Emmerdale spoilers: Jamie Tate bribes Nate Robinson to keep his hit and run secret tonight


EMMERDALE’S Jamie Tate is going to bribe Nate Robinson to keep his mouth shut about Moira Barton’s hit and run tonight.

Nate was recently fired by his boss Al for missing a meeting while at the hospital with Tracy.

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Nate tells Belle that Jamie tried to bribe him into keeping quiet about the hit-and-run

But when Nate stormed around to the HOP Office to plead with Al for his job back, he was stunned to overhear a suspicious conversation between Jamie and Belle. 

Nate later grilled Belle about what she was discussing with Jamie. 

Belle eventually spilled the beans about Jamie running over Moira in the hit-and-run.

Tracy is thrilled when Nate says he’s got his job at Wylies back
Jamie will bribe Nate to keep his mouth shut

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Belle pick Jamie over her family and reveal their relationship.

Later, Jamie reassures Belle that they’ll be able to stop Nate blabbing, but Belle isn’t so sure.

Later, Nate bumps into Belle and tells her that Jamie tried to bribe him into keeping quiet. 

Belle berates Jamie for playing dirty but he explains that she needs to try and keep Nate quiet – or they could lose everything.

Will she succeed?

Later in the week, Tracy heaps pressure on Nate to get a new job. 

And Nate thrills her later when he reveals he’s managed to get his job back at Wylies. 

Has he blackmailed Jamie into giving him the job back?

Alexander Lincoln – who plays Jamie on the ITV show – has hinted that viewers will see a more sinister side to his character in the coming weeks. 

Alexander said: “With Jamie, I’ve had a huge scope of things to play with. He’s been very combative towards his mum, but has then gone back underneath her wing.

“In fact, in the coming weeks and months, it gets even more so, which is great.”

Speaking about whether there’s a Tate streak in Jamie, Alexander added: “Jamie has tried and tried to stay away from the Tate line and the Tate way of living. But essentially he feels like he’s been cornered with every choice that he’s made. Every choice he’s made has blown up in his face.”

Might things take a dark turn between Jamie and Nate?

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