Emmerdale spoilers: Jamie Tate confesses he loves Dawn as he offers her a job at the vets – as ex Belle’s replacement


JAMIE Tate confesses he loves Dawn Taylor as he offers her a job at the vets as ex Belle Dingle’s replacement next week in Emmerdale.

The vet’s declaration of love to Dawn will come as Gabby discovers she’s pregnant with his baby following their one night stand earlier this month.

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Jamie rejects Gabby and confesses his love for Dawn

Gabby was devastated when Jamie told her their night of passion meant nothing the following day – and then set about making things work with his other love interest Dawn. 

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Laurel notice Gabby looking glum, but the teen brushes off her concerns.

Later, Jamie savagely tells Gabby she was a drunken mistake.

When he advises her to forget the night they spent together, she’s devastated. 

The following day, Laurel is stunned when Gabby tells her she thinks she might be pregnant. 

Jamie tells Paddy how much he likes Dawn
Gabby approaches to tell Jamie about her pregnancy

A test confirms she’s pregnant, but Gabby refuses to tell Laurel who the dad is and insists he won’t want anything to do with the child.

Laurel assures Gabby that she has her support but encourages her to tell the father in case he changes his mind. 

Meanwhile, Jamie confesses the extent of his feelings for Dawn to Paddy just as he sees Gabby approaching. 

Will Gabby tell Jamie about the pregnancy?

And will Jamie manage to make things work with Dawn?

Emmerdale bosses have confirmed that Gabby – who is played by Rosie Bentham – will become embroiled in a power struggle with Kim and Jamie at Home Farm after falling pregnant. 

Claire King – who plays Kim – teased that her character would be looking to ‘take control’ in the coming weeks. 

She revealed to Metro.co.uk: “There’s something that happens in the story as well where Kim possibly is becoming a grandmother again.

“So this time, Kim wants to manipulate it. So she’s got total control from day one, unlike when Millie was born and she hadn’t seen her for about five years. So this is a chance for Kim to actually build her Empire and her dynasty.”