Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla frames Leanna for smashing up the wedding office as feud over Liam gets worse


LEYLA Harding frames Leanna Cavanagh for trashing the wedding office next week in Emmerdale as the teenager’s hostility towards her intensifies.

Leanna has been trying to stop her dad Liam dating Leyla ever since she discovered their secret relationship in April.

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Liam organises a dinner with Leanna and Leyla as a truce

Emmerdale fans know that Liam and Leyla gave into their chemistry for one another shortly after Bernice Blackstock’s exit last year. 

But the pair kept their romance a secret for months out of fear that they’d be judged as Liam had been planning to marry Bernice back in November. 

But Liam’s daughter Leanna eventually discovered their relationship in March 2020 and wasn’t at all happy with the news. 

Leyla is fuming when she arrives and sees Liam getting cosy with Leyla

Leanna announced she hated Leyla and sulkily demanded that Liam choose between her and his new lover. 

Fans know that Leanna’s tantrums have been putting pressure on Liam and Leyla’s relationship, with Liam growing frustrated at Leyla for berating Leanna and getting involved in their arguments. 

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Liam and Leanna organise a dinner as a truce. 

Leyla finds the wedding office trashed and assumes Leanna is to blame

But when Leanna is late, she’s fuming to see Liam flirting with Leyla. 

Leyla worries about her relationship with Liam when he takes his frustrations about Leanna out on her. 

Later, Jacob listens attentively to Liam’s woes and reveals out of sympathy that Leanna is planning a party at the house. 

Leanna has hated Leyla ever since she started dating her father

When Liam flies off the handle, Jacob tries to mediate things by talking to Leanna. 

But Liam gets the wrong end of the stick when he walks in and sees the pair together, only ruining his relationship with Leanna further. 

Meanwhile, Leyla feels pushed out as Liam puts all of his efforts into getting through to his daughter. 

Later in the week, Leyla is dismayed when the wedding office is trashed and convinces herself that Leanna must be to blame.

Is Leyla about to make Leanna hate her even more?