Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla Harding’s stalker finally exposed in violent showdown


LEYLA Harding’s stalker is finally exposed next week in Emmerdale following a violent showdown. 

Emmerdale viewers know someone has got it in for Leyla after the Take a Vow office was trashed back in May.

Leyla realises with horror who has been stalking her
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But Leyla was pretty certain she knew who the culprit was and immediately set out to confront Leanna Cavanagh.

When Leanna categorically denied any wrong doing and provoked her further, Leyla ended up lashing out and slapping the teen round the face. 

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see David unsettled when he bumps into a man named Gaz buying breath spray in the shop.

A dark figure jumps out at Leyla at the office

Gaz boasts that he’s on his way to a date and David is baffled when he realises he must mean Leyla, who is supposed to be back with Liam.

Later, Jacob and Liam watch Gaz approach Leyla from across the village. 

They witness Leyla come outside to meet Gaz but look confused by his presence before eventually letting him inside the premises. 

Will a confused Leyla work out what’s going on?

And will she be able to convince Liam she wasn’t on a date with this bloke?

Later in the week, Leyla overhears a noise in the office and is shocked out of her skin when a dark figure jumps out at her. 

She manages to lash out and get a hit at the culprit before they escape. 

Later, Leyla calls the police but it soon dawns on her who her tormentor might be.

Who has been tormenting Leyla?