Emmerdale spoilers: Luke Posner agrees to go on a date with Amy Wyatt after Victoria hides her true feelings


LUKE Posner agrees to go on a date with Amy Wyatt after Victoria Barton hides her true feelings for him next week in Emmerdale. 

Victoria and Luke embarked on a romance earlier this year but Vic ended things when she realised she wasn’t ready for a relationship. 

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Luke suggests to Victoria that he should cancel his date with Amy

Emmerdale viewers were horrified when Vic’s new love interest Luke turned out to be the brother of her rapist Lee at the end of last year.

The pair were quick to cool things off when they realised the unfortunate connection. 

But it seemed their romance was written in the stars as they grew closer after the Posner family moved into the village. 

Victoria insists that Luke goes on the date with Amy

However, they eventually broke up after Vic couldn’t get rid of the nasty flashbacks of Luke’s brother she was having when they were together.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Luke suggest to Victoria that he cancel his date with Amy. 

But Victoria hides her true feelings and encourages him to go on the date with Amy. 

Victoria still has feelings for Luke but doesn’t tell him

Will Victoria tell Luke how she really feels before it’s too late?

Fans have been speculating that Luke and Aaron are going to hit it off after noticing chemistry between the pair.  

Actor Max Parker – who plays Luke – threw his support behind the fan theory in March 2020, labelling it fun, but said that his character only has eyes for Victoria.

He told the Sun Online at the time: “I think the idea is fun but I think what the fans want to see is very different and I see a lot of things online with people are like NO and then some with YES.

“I just think that at the minute Luke has only got eyes for Victoria and I think a lot of time in episodes in soaps people that hate each other and have a feud, people are always going to speculate about whether they actually like each other and stuff. But I don’t think so.”

Adding that Luke will never show an evil side like his brother but that the show would explore his darker side, Max said: “Well I don’t know. What I personally think is that Luke is very, I relate him a lot to myself.

“He’s very assured, he’s very cheeky in a showman, but there’s definitely some cogs broken inside and it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to be a bad guy, but it means that he needs something.

“He needs someone like Victoria, if he needs purpose or if he needs to be fighting for to be the favourite child. I don’t think you’ve seen all sides of Luke just yet.”