Emmerdale spoilers: Mackenzie teams up with Jamie Tate to destroy the Dingles


MOIRA Barton’s long-lost brother Mackenzie teams up with Jamie Tate to destroy the Dingles next week in Emmerdale.

The Dingles are after revenge against Jamie in the ITV soap after he framed fragile Belle Dingle for the hit-and-run – which he was actually responsible for. 

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Cain and Sam plot revenge against Jamie

The Dingles were horrified when they discovered that Jamie had got a fake witness to testify against Belle in the hope that she’d take the fall for him. 

To make matters worse, Belle’s mental health has taken a turn for the worse and she’s been hearing the voice of her late mum Lisa in her head. 

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Lydia tell Sam about a confrontation she’s had with Jamie. 

They head to Home Farm and tell Jamie their plan
Mackenzie comes out of the shadows after overhearing Cain and Sam’s revenge plan

Sam is livid and promises Jamie will get what’s coming to him. 

Later, Cain and Sam plan how to get revenge against Jamie for what he’s put the Dingles through. 

Later, Jamie is relaxing at Home Farm with a drink, when he hears some suspicious noises. 

Mackenzie had been hiding with a crowbar in his hand

Bracing himself, he does a search of the house, but fails to spot Mackenzie hiding in the shadows with a crowbar in his hand. 

What is Mackenzie up to?

Jamie sits back down and drowns his sorrows with brandy, but is soon confronted by Sam and Cain. 

As Cain reveals their plan to a drunk Jamie, Mackenzie is intrigued and steps out of the shadows. 

Might Jamie have found a new alliance?

Will Mackenzie and Jamie bring down the Dingles?

Speaking about Mackenzie’s arrival in the village, Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson teased his dark side: “We’ve got Moira’s brother Mackenzie arriving and of course he is coming with a secret, that you think that you are going to find out, and then there is going to be another revelation a little further down the line.”

Revealing that the newcomer is going to cause trouble for the Dingles, Jane added: “He is a troublemaker. He’s good looking, he turns heads and he is gonna mess things up with the Tates, and he’s gonna mess things up for the Dingles.