Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle horrified as scheming Paul uses Vinny in a scam


MANDY Dingle is horrified when her ex Paul Ashdale uses their son Vinny to get closer to her next week in Emmerdale.

Paul – who is played by Reece Dinsdale in the ITV soap – organises a dinner date between Vinny and his crush Liv but asks Mandy to join him when she conveniently cancels.

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Mandy is unsettled when Vinny accuses her of still having feelings for Paul

Viewer know that Mandy was horrified when her ex Paul rocked up in the village back in April and demanded to see his son Vinny, who he abandoned and left in Mandy’s care as a baby. 

When Mandy told him to get lost, Vinny didn’t take no for an answer and turned up at the scrapyard disguised as ‘Alex’ to befriend Vinny. 

But when it became clear that ‘Alex’ already knew Mandy, Paul then blurted out that he was Vinny’s dad.

Paul cooks a dinner for Liv and Vinny but Liv doesn’t turn up

Vinny was devastated that he’d been lied too, but bonded with Mandy during lockdown as she revealed she’ll never be able to have children after a harrowing miscarriage.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Vinny unsettle Mandy when he suggests she still has feelings for Paul. 

Later, at the scrapyard, Paul starts to concoct a plan when Vinny admits he fancies his chances with Liv. 

Mandy is shocked by Liv’s response when she tells her off for cancelling on Vinny

Paul hopes he can use Vinny’s crush to his advantage when it comes to winning back Mandy’s affections. 

Later, Paul organises a dinner date between Liv and Vinny but when Liv cancels, Mandy feels sorry for Paul and sits down and shares it with him. 

Later, Mandy bumps into Liv and tells her off for cancelling on Vinny, but she’s shocked by Liv’s response. 

What has Paul been up to and has he ruined things with Mandy already?