Emmerdale spoilers: Meena puts Rishi Sharma’s life at risk to play the hero in sick scheme to win sister Manpreet round


MEENA reveals a shocking dark side next week in Emmerdale when she puts Rishi Sharma’s life at risk to win her sister Manpreet around. 

Meena – who is played by actress Paige Sandhu in the ITV soap – will play the hero when Rishi has a car accident – that she has engineered. 

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Rishi accidentally drives off the road after his pills go missing from the car

Viewers will remember that Manpreet was horrified when her sister Meena rocked up in the village back in September and was immediately hostile towards her.  

It soon emerged that Meena had fallen out with Manpreet after sleeping with her sister’s husband. 

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Rishi slumped against his steering wheel after accidentally driving off the road. 

Meena plays the hero and tracks Rishi down
Manpreet grows suspicious of Meena when her phone magically reappears

When he wakes up, he tries to call Manpreet to tell her his pills weren’t in the car. 

Meanwhile, Manpreet starts to worry about where Rishi has got to, but can’t find her phone. 

She heads out to look for him with Meena and Priya. 

Meena then plays the hero as she tracks Rishi down and rescues him. 

But viewers will later see that Meena took Manpreet’s phone and Rishi’s pills so she could ingratiate herself with Manpreet. 

The following day, Meena reminds Manpreet that she ruined her relationship with David. 

Will Manpreet admit she was in the wrong?

Manpreet’s suspicions are aroused, however, when Meena fishes her phone out from down the side of the sofa. 

Will Manpreet realise what Meena is up to?

If so, how will she react?