Emmerdale spoilers: Moira Barton devastated as Cain Dingle rejects her after reunion


MOIRA Barton is left devastated next week in Emmerdale when Cain Dingle rejects her. 

Cain’s brutal rejection will come after the pair reunited in a romantic scene last week and Cain admitted he still loved her.

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Cain is moody with Moira on his birthday

The couple were locked in a barn together by Mackenzie to stop Cain murdering Jamie Tate over his treatment of Belle Dingle.

And when Moira told him she was planning on moving away from the village, Cain realised he’d lose her if he didn’t admit how he really felt.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Noah and Sarah surprise Cain at the garage on his birthday. 

Moira asks Cain to come home for lunch, but he rejects her offer. 

The next day, Cain is even more abrupt with Moira and she’s left worrying about his dark mood. 

Cain rejects Moira’s lunch offer
Mackenzie teases Moira about the state of her relationship

Later, she tries to seduce him but realises something is up and is left feeling rejected. 

Moira hatches a plan to make things work with Cain and makes a huge effort that evening. 

But when Cain comes home irritable, Moira is left devastated by his lack of interest. 

The next day Mackenzie winds Moira up about her relationship.

Moira berates Charity for the way she’s behaving around Noah
Cain sides with Charity

Moira begs Cain to explain what’s going on and he finally tells her. 

Can they sort things out?

Later in the week, Moira has a go at Charity for how she’s behaving around Noah.

But Cain steps in and defends Charity against Moira’s accusations, driving a wedge even further in between him and his ex.

Will they ever be on the same page?

Speaking to the Mirror about whether Cain will ever be able to forgive Moira, actor Jeff Hordley – who plays Cain in the ITV soap – revealed: “I think in Cain’s head right now, yes he can.

“It remains to be seen as to whether he really can – that’s what we have to wait and see!”