Emmerdale spoilers: Moira discovers Rhona and Nate’s betrayal as she meets restauranteur Ricky


Rhona Goskirk and Nate Robinson panic that Moira Barton will discover their secret partnership when restauranter Ricky invites her to their meeting. 

Moira was betrayed by her new business partner Rhona Goskirk when she shook hands on a restaurant deal involving her nemesis Nate – without telling Moira.

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Ricky invites Moira to the meeting with Rhona and Nate

Emmerdale viewers know that Rhona sneakily went behind Moira’s back when Nate suggested they split a restaurant deal with Butlers. 

Rhona knew Moira would be furious, but shook hands on the deal anyway and planned to tell her later. 

But when Rhona tried to bring it up, she couldn’t muster up the courage to tell Moira that Nate is involved in the deal. 

Rhona hasn’t told Moira that her enemy Nate is involved in the deal

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Moira cross paths with Ricky.

Ricky later tells Rhona and Nate that Moira will be joining them for the meeting.

Nate and Rhona panic that Moira will discover their secret partnership. 

Moira enjoys flirting with Ricky

Will they manage to worm their way out of this one?

If Moira does discover what Rhona has been up to, will all hell break loose?

Later, Moira enjoys flirting with Ricky, leaving Cain gutted when he hears that she’s moving on to other people. 

Might he tell her how he really feels – before it’s too late?