Emmerdale spoilers next week – Arthur and Archie’s tensions explode and Andrea makes Belle suffer


THERE’S some explosive storylines in store for Emmerdale fans next week, with Arthur and Archie’s feud taking a dangerous turn.

Meanwhile Andrea continues to play conniving games as tensions escalate, plus more drama from the Dales.

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Arthur and Archie’s feud takes a dangerous turn

1. Arthur and Archie’s tension explodes

Archie and Arthur continue to fight as they compete for Laurel’s attention.

The Sharmas organise a camping night at Holdgate to celebrate Rishi’s 70th birthday.

Arthur feels sidelined during a game of rounders when Archie is placed in Laurel’s team.

As Arthur’s anger intensifies, his frustrations lead to a dangerous incident involving the campfire.

Andrea plays games with Jamie and Belle hoping to make them suffer 

2. Andrea makes Belle suffer

After finding out that Jamie and Belle have been sleeping together behind her back, Andrea sets out to make their lives as difficult as possible.

When Jamie and Belle meet for a drink at The Woolpack, Andrea interrupts by suggesting to Jamie that they should go away on holiday.

Of course Belle doesn’t like the idea as she wants to win Jamie back – so he secretly reassures her that he’ll find a way to avoid it.

In a quest to see Belle feel uncomfortable, Andrea keeps on about the holiday and watches her rival squirm.

Will turns up covered in cuts and bruises after being beaten

3. Will gets a beating

Harriet is worried about Will when he doesn’t return home after his dramatic day working for Malone.

Eventually he stumbles in through the back door and is in a bad state after a serious beating.

He is rushed to hospital and Harriet demands answers about what’s going on.

Will she discover what Malone’s is up to?

Cain and Billy realise they’ve been set up by Malone

4. Cain and Billy are set up

Corrupt cop Malone continues to make demands on Cain, Billy and Will.

Will takes on a drugs courier job for Malone, as Cain and Billy are used as decoys to distract police attention away from him.

Will is left horrified when he finds out that Malone is planning to arrest Billy and Cain.

The pair are later pulled over by Malone and a large team of police colleagues as they realise they’ve been set up.

Paddy finally seeks help for his anxiety problems

5. Paddy reaches out for help

Chas realises how much Paddy has been struggling, following a heads-up from Bear.

Paddy is left mortified when he loses his temper at baby Eve, but Chas offers support and understanding.

After confiding in Chas, Paddy eventually decides to seek professional help for his anxiety.

Dan refuses help from Amelia

6. Dan has a setback

Dan is still struggling to adjust to a new life at home in a wheelchair and stubbornly insists that he doesn’t need any help from Amelia.

In sad scenes Dan falls out of his wheelchair, resulting in further setbacks which means it might be time for him to accept the offer of Amelia’s support.

Priya and Al continue their relationship in secret 

7. Priya and Al sneak around

New lovebirds Priya and Al continue to see each other in secret after they got together a few weeks ago.

Priya is enjoying the new relationship and the excitement of sneaking around, but family commitments get in the way of their fun.

Priya is expected to attend Rishi’s birthday party which means she can’t see lover Al – but will he find a way to get her out of it?