Emmerdale spoilers next week – Rhona is left a fortune, Priya and Al are caught out and Cain vows to kill Will


CAIN Dingle vows to kill Will after he betrays him and Billy by stealing Malone’s vehicle.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in Emmerdale next week…

Rhona and Moira go into business together with Graham’s money in Emmerdale

Rhona gets a surprise from the ghost of Graham

Rhona and Moira discuss their bleak financial situations and how much they’ve been struggling over the past few months.

But things start to look up for Rhona when she gets some surprising news.

She learns that Graham has answered her prayers by leaving her a fortune.

She’s in shock as she reveals the news to Paddy, Marlon and Chas.

Later, after overhearing that Cain is refusing to lend Moira any money, Rhona decides to use the cash to go into business with Moira.

She sets an important condition that will honour Graham’s legacy – but what is it?

Brenda tries to cover her tracks in Emmerdale

Brenda tries to hide evidence

With Dan fighting for his life in hospital, Pollard suggests that Brenda should quickly chuck away any incriminating evidence from the cafe.

But as she scurries around disposing of evidence, Mandy storms in and makes clear that Brenda won’t get away with what she’s done to Dan.

Mandy searches the bin for evidence incriminating Brenda

Mandy fishes it from a bin

Later, Mandy has a good fish around in the bins outside the cafe and emerges holding the evidence that Brenda has tried to bin.

Mandy vows to Sue Brenda in Emmerdale

Mandy threatens to sue Brenda

Later in the week, Mandy grows determined to sue Brenda for the allergic reaction she caused Dan and leave Brenda’s business in ruins.

But will she go ahead?

Priya and Al get closer in Emmerdale

Priya and Al are caught by Jai

Priya finds herself warming to Al when he opens up about his run in with Ellis.

But just as they’re about to kiss, they’re rudely interrupted by Jai.

Cain orders Will to pick a side in Emmerdale

Will betrays Cain and Billy

Malone clocks on to the fact that Will is working extra hours – and not at the garage.

Realising that Will must be working for Malone, Cain orders him to pick a side.

Later, while Billy is trying to calm Will down he mentions that they have a plan to throw Malone under the bus which involves his vehicle.

Cain vows to kill Will

But Cain and Billy are stunned to realise later that Will has stolen the car.

Cain angrily announces that Will must have a death wish.