Emmerdale spoilers: Paddy Kirk ends relationship with Chas Dingle – but then overhears her admitting she loves him


PADDY Kirk ends his relationship with Chas next week in Emmerdale.

The brutal dumping will come after Paddy – who is played by Dominic Brunt in the ITV soap – caught Chas trying to cheat on him with Al last month.

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Paddy tells Bear it’s over with Chas

Paddy overheard everything when Chas propositioned Al, who turned her down.

Coming out from behind a wall, Paddy revealed he’d heard everything and suggested they need some space – and that she should go away for a few weeks. 

And things are set to worsen for the couple this week when Paddy gets drunk with Mandy and fails to come home. 

Paddy is thrown when he overhears Chas tell Eve she loves him

Chas is devastated to realise that she might have driven Paddy into the arms of his ex.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Paddy tell Bear that he’s finished things with Chas.

But later, a comment made by Al completely knocks Paddy for six. 

Paddy is thrown further when he overhears Chas telling Eve how much she loves him. 

Will Paddy put aside his pride and admit his feelings for Chas before it’s too late?

Talking about the tension between Paddy and Chas, actor Dominic Brunt told Metro.co.uk: “A lot of stuff [is going on], they’re new parents, Paddy’s never done that before but he’s working all the time.

 Speaking about why Chas propositioned Al, he added: “I think during the lockdown period he’s been keeping the vets running, now he’s keeping the vets running – so he was never really there during the lockdown period and now they’re out of lockdown, he’s not really there.

“And I think there’s been distance for some time and then Chas says: ‘All right then, let’s reconnect, just me and you. Bear will look after the baby and we’ll go and have a picnic’. And Paddy goes ‘oh no, I can’t I’ve got to work again.’

“So I think she’s feeling neglected and ignored and I don’t think Paddy’s giving her worth.”