Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona Goskirk caught breaking into Home Farm to prove Kim Tate killed Graham


RHONA Goskirk is caught snooping around Home Farm for evidence to prove Kim Tate killed her boyfriend Graham Foster in Emmerdale.

The vet was horrified to discover that Graham had been brutally murdered in the ITV soap and has been searching for clues to find the killer ever since.

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Vanessa warns Rhona to be careful as she looks for clues to find Graham’s killer in Emmerdale

Graham Foster met a grisly end last week in Emmerdales biggest ever whodunnit storyline.

Viewers have been treated to a week of special episodes that are dedicated to the day of Grahams murder – with individual suspects having entire episodes devoted to their motives.

Graham was killed just as he was planning to leave the village for a new life with Rhona.

But ahead of his departure, the recovering alcoholic was finished off by one of his many enemies after weeks of antagonising most of the village.

In the wake of Graham’s death, grieving Rhona has been searching for evidence to find out who murdered her partner.

In Rhona’s eyes,long-term enemy Kim – who Rhona knows is no stranger to getting her hands dirty – is the prime suspect for his destruction.

The pair were in the middle of a nasty feud after he rejected her publicly for Rhona and ruined her son Jamies life by sleeping with his wife Andrea.

In the days leading up to his murder, Graham had also been secretly withdrawing thousands of pounds from Kims account.

Rhona knows that Kim always needs to have the upper hand, and now suspects that she was the one to pull the trigger on Graham.

Rhona was devastated when she learned that Graham had been murdered

In an upcoming episode, Rhona still has her suspicions that Kim is responsible for Grahams death and begins plotting a way to prove it.

The grieving vet sneaks into Home Farm to look for traces of evidence or anything that could prove that Kim is guilty.

But it all kicks off when Al arrives and catches her snooping around as he demands to know what on earth she is up to.

The pair come to blows when Rhona accuses Kim of organising Grahams death.

Later, Al tells Kim what happened but she promises to handle it.

Will a grieving Rhona find what shes looking for?