Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona Goskirk forced to leave with Pierce Harris after discovering he has Vanessa held hostage


RHONA Goskirk is forced to leave with her killer rapist ex husband Pierce Harris after he blackmails her with hostage Vanessa in Emmerdale.

The creep is still obsessed with Rhona and has convinced himself shell take him back.

Vanessa video calls Rhona

Emmerdale fans were lost for words when Pierce was revealed as Graham Fosters mystery killer after weeks of speculation.

The villain had been in prison for raping Rhona on their wedding day but had been released early, at which point he invaded the village and murdered Rhonas boyfriend.

The murdering rapist has now set about stalking Rhonas every move, creeping into her house while she sleeps and stroking her face.

Vanessa is being held hostage by Pierce

In an upcoming episode, Pierce takes his evil plan to get Rhona back in his arms up a notch.

In the upcoming scenes, Rhona gets frustrated when the police dont take her reports of stalking seriously

Paddy tells Rhona they need more evidence before they accuse Pierce of murdering Graham

But Rhona is certain it was him and sets out to find Kim and let her know.

Charity realises Vanessa hasn’t taken her passport or boarding pass

Meanwhile, in scenes yet to air, Charity is sulking to still have received no messages from Vanessa.

She imagines what Vanessa might be up to in France.

But when Charity discovers Vanessas passport and boarding pass still at Jacobs Fold, she flies into a panic and sets out to search for her.

Pierce forces Rhona to pack her bags

Vanessa is still tied up as she watches Pierce get ready to reunite with Rhona.

She makes a last attempt to escape, but it fails.

Rhona receives a video call from Vanessa who reveals shes being held hostage by Pierce, but Pierce hijacks the phone and terrifies Rhona with his face.

Rhona then agrees to meet with Pierce in exchange for him not harming Vanessa or Johnny.

But when the call ends, Pierce beams and says Rhona has now served her purpose.

Will Rhona go along with Pierce’s evil plan?

And will Vanessa ever see the light of day again?

Rhona agrees to leave with Pierce to protect Vanessa

Actor Jonathan Wrather – who plays Pierce in the ITV soap – has hinted that Rhona won’t go down without a fight against Pierce.

He told HOAR Online: “Thats the thing would she get revenge? Has she got it in her?

“Shes feisty and she doesnt stand for anything. She could get some ingenious revenge or she could be terrified.

“It will be terrifying without doubt that Pierce is out and whats he going to do? The effect it has on her can go a number of different ways and we will see that.

“Certainly she reacts in a way that we dont know what she is capable of.”

He also revealed that Pierce is so deluded he thinks hes saving Rhona from Graham: “He has a logic to what he has done. He is on a crusade. He has a sociopath or psychopath way of absolving oneself from the reality hes very good at that.

“He rescues Rhona if a few people take a hit, so be it. He is fixated on her. Its the least he can do given their past, thats his main focus.”