Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona Goskirk gobsmacked as she is left a fortune by Graham Foster – and buys into Moira’s farm


RHONA Goskirk is lost for words when she is left a huge sum of money by Graham Foster next week in Emmerdale. 

The vet uses the cash to go into business with farmer Moira, who’s also been struggling financially. 

Moira and Rhona discuss how they’re both strapped for cash

Emmerdale viewers know Rhona was left in the lurch after her boyfriend Graham was brutally murdered.

The pair were planning to move to France for a new life together but Graham’s brutal bludgeoning stopped her in her tracks.

Rhona then spent weeks trying to work out who the killer was as Marlon rotted behind bars after being falsely accused of the murder. 

Things got a whole lot worse for the vet when her evil ex Pierce Harris – who turned out to be Graham’s real killer – kidnapped her best friend Vanessa and forced Rhona into leaving the village with him. 

But Rhona got one over the brute when she recorded him confessing the murder of Graham live on camera and streamed it to the police, who she then revealed were right outside. 

Rhona drugged Pierce using one of her injections from the vets and gleefully handed him into the police. 

Rhona goes into business with Moira when she’s left a fortune by Graham

In next week’s episodes of Emmerdale, things start to look up for Rhona when she gets some surprising news. 

Rhona and Moira discuss their bleak financial situations and how tough it’s been for them both over the last few months.

But the next day, Rhona’s prayers are answered when she discovers she’s been left a fortune by Graham. 

She’s in shock as she tells the news to Marlon, Paddy and Chas. 

Kim is quick to dampen her mood when she insists that Rhona won’t be getting her hands on it. 

The Queen of Home Farm goes on to say that Rhona is to blame for Graham’s murder, leaving Rhona wracked with guilt. 

But Rhona gets an idea when she later overhears that Cain is refusing to lend Moira any money.

Rhona decides to use her cash to go into business with Moira but sets an important condition that will honour Graham’s legacy – but what is it?

Kim is fuming when she learns of the development.

Will she manage to throw a spanner in the works yet again?