Emmerdale spoilers: Rishi Sharma confides in Charity Dingle over his destroyed marriage to Manpreet


RISHI Sharma confides in Charity Dingle over his broken marriage to Manpreet next week in Emmerdale. 

Rishi called things off with Manpreet when her huge identity secret was exposed following Charles’ arrival in the village. 

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Rishi rejects Manpreet’s advances

Manpreet begged Charles to keep her shock identity secret after the vicar addressed her as his dead ex Saira – and announced he thought she was dead. 

But Charles’ son Ethan was having none of it and stormed over to Rishi’s to tell him the truth about Manpreet. 

Rishi then announced he couldn’t trust Manpreet and has been ignoring her even since. 

Rishi asks Charity Dingle for advice
Rishi is shocked by the sincerity of Charity’s words

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Manpreet devastated when Rishi rejects her advances yet again.

Later, Rishi confides in Charity and asks her for advice about his relationship. 

He’s taken aback by the sincerity of Charity’s answer. 

Will Rishi take up the advice?

Charity doesn’t seem like the best person to get relationship advice from after she was shunned by the Dingles for making an advance towards her daughter Debbie’s ex Al Chapman.

Earlier this week, Chas cornered Charity and ordered her to sell her half of the pub to Marlon and scarper. 

Will her conversation with Rishi encourage her to fight for her family?