Emmerdale spoilers: Sam Dingle struggles to cope in lockdown as Lydia ventures out


NEWLYWEDS Sam and Lydia Dingle struggle to cope in lockdown when Lydia ventures out to get a click and collect order next week in Emmerdale. 

Sam – who is played by James Hooton on the ITV soap – reveals the real reason he’s being so protective later – and it’s not due to coronavirus.

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Sam flies off the handle when Lydia ventures out to get a click and collect order during lockdown

Emmerdale viewers were overjoyed when Sam and Lydia managed to tie the knot after a disastrous wedding day in April, but it looks like the newlyweds are only going to have a few weeks of happiness before drama hits. 

Next week’s episodes of the ITV show will see Sam and Lydia stuck in lockdown together after turfing Mandy and Vinny out. 

But with Samson stuck on his school trip, Sam is visibly on edge and tries to stop Lydia leaving the house. 

But Lydia later decides she’s sick of eating the same old dinner – and does a click and collect. 

Sam and Lydia recently tied the knot

Sam is furious when he discovers what Lydia has been up to and has a go at her for not following lockdown rules. 

But Lydia is shocked when the real truth for his protectiveness later emerges. 

What is Sam actually worrying about?

Speaking about his character Sam’s lockdown storyline, actor James Hooton said: “It is not all fun and games. Just as the lockdown process has not been fun and games for everyone.

But in this episode we see a bit of light hearted jovial stuff between Sam and Lydia, and then we see a different side, the emotional and serious stuff. 

“Sam’s concerns come to a bit of a head and the characters have a couple of fall outs in the episode. It is a bit of a journey for both of them.”

Talking about Sam’s protectiveness, Karen Blick – who plays Lydia Dingle – added that: “I feel it has given us great insight into Lydia and Sam and we’ve had the space to explore the dynamics between these two characters.

“I think in this one episode we get to find out even more about each of them. Sam has been a character for 25 years, but yet within this half hour he still divulges something that we would not have known about him.”