Emmerdale spoilers: Samson Dingle’s vile plan for baby Esther revealed

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WHILE Amelia Spencer is adapting to motherhood, Samson Single refuses to be a father to young Esther.

The lad comes up with a vile plan to get rid of the baby next week in Emmerdale.

Amelia Spencer is adapting to motherhood

But Samson clearly refuses to be a father to baby Esther

He comes up with a vile plan that could cause Amelia trouble

Samson (portrayed by Sam Hall) made it clear right from the get-go – he will not allow Esther to get in the way of his plans.

Since issuing his chilling warning, the youngster made viewers wonder what trick he had up his sleeve – and they’re about to find out.

Coming up, a worn out Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) starts to question her abilities as a young mother but her father figure Dan (Liam Fox) reassures her and tells her she’ll get the hang of it.

Amelia isn’t convinced and, to make things worse, struggles to find a babysitter.

Lydia Dingle offers a solution and she piles baby Esther onto Samson, leaving him fuming.

In later scenes, Amelia is stunned to hear Samson suggest putting Esther up for adoption.

He cruelly reminds her of her abortion plans but is annoyed when his scheme backfires.

Amelia is upset but confirms she knows what’s best for her baby which is the presence of a loving, supportive family.

While she’s feeling overwhelmed, Noah Dingle reassures her, telling her she’s a great mother, and announces he’s set up a cot in his room for Esther.

Amelia is touched by the gesture but a heated confrontation ensues between Noah and Samson at the Dingles’ Homestead.

Samson hatches a plan for revenge and stoops to a new low by calling social services and begging for Esther to be taken into care.

The following day, Dan is confused to open his door to a social worker and a worried Amelia is stunned to find out there’s been a complaint made about baby Esther’s welfare.

Samson is soon exposed and his father Sam (James Hooton) is heartbroken.

He pours his heart out, rationalising the sacrifice he made to make up for Alice’s death.

The teen delivers another low blow, claiming he doesn’t want to be anything like his father.

It all becomes too much for Sam… and he collapses to the ground.

Could Amelia really lose Esther?

How far will Samson go to get rid of his own child?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

A social worker pays Amelia a visit

Could she lose her daughter?
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