Emmerdale spoilers – Suzy in TOTAL panic as darkest secret revealed; plus Coronation Street & EastEnders theories & news


EMMERDALE’S Suzy Merton will face regret after confiding in Leyla Cavanagh in tonight’s episode after part of her secret is exposed.

In tonight’s episode of the soap, Suzy’s girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield starts to question why she’s suddenly behaving so strangely, and this puts Leyla in a difficult position.

Leyla decides to tell Vanessa how Suzy once knew Holly as they worked on events together.

She however hides the fact that she unwittingly gave Holly the money for the drugs that killed her in 2016, but Vanessa is still unhappy to realise that Suzy has been keeping secrets from her.

Vanessa then starts to question the relationship and how serious the two of them are about each other.

Feeling guilty that she can’t be more honest about everything, Suzy decides that Vanessa is better off without her and tries to end their relationship.

Martelle Edinborough, who plays Suzy, recently explained: “Suzy feels that she’s going to mess things up and it’s all going to come out. At first, she asks Vanessa to keep her secret – as in don’t tell anyone that she knew Holly.

“Then she decides that she doesn’t want to take Vanessa down any path with her, so she breaks up with Vanessa and tells her that she deserves better, which Vanessa is devastated about, and then persuades her to stick around.

“Suzy agrees, but in the process of that, she decides that she wants to give up drugs and her party lifestyle and live a cleaner life. So, she says to Leyla: ‘I’m not doing drugs anymore and I want to make things work with Vanessa, I’m giving it up and you should too’.”

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