Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy Metcalfe catches Nate Robinson sneaking into the B&B with Moira Barton


TRACY Metcalfe catches Nate Robinson sneaking into the B&B with his ex lover Moira Barton next week in Emmerdale.

Moira had a passionate affair with the farmhand last year and ruined her marriage with Cain. 

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Tracy confronts Moira and Nate after she catches them sneaking off together

In a shocking twist, Nate then revealed he was Cain’s long-lost son – and that he’d only been sleeping with Moira to get revenge against his dad for leaving him and his mum.

But Tracy grew paranoid that history would repeat itself after Nate started helping Moira out around the farm in recent scenes.

And viewers will see Tracy certain she’s caught the pair red-handed next week – and head into the B&B to confront them.

But has she got the wrong end of the stick?

Tracy is carrying Nate’s baby
Tracy has been worrying about Nate spending time with his ex-lover Moira

Nate gave Tracy another shock in recent weeks when he decided to falsely confess to Moira’s hit and run, which Jamie was actually responsible, to save his aunt Belle from prison.

Jamie offered to take the fall for Belle after learning the extent of her mental health issues.

Tracy, who’s carrying Nate’s baby, was devastated to discover he could be facing three years in prison.

Will he let Tracy down again?