Emmerdale spoilers: Vicar Harriet Finch makes a decision about her job after Christmas service


EMMERDALE’S Harriet Finch could be set to leave the village after she makes a shock decision about her job.

The frustrated clergywoman – who is played by actress Katherine Dow Blyton in the ITV soap – has become disillusioned with her faith after covering up Malone’s murder.

It looks like Harriet Finch has made her mind up as she makes a major career change
Harriet told vicar Charles Anderson that she plans to rejoin the police force

Last week, Harriet told vicar Charles Anderson that she is considering rejoining the police force after he spotted the application on the coffee table.

She told Charles that she was keeping my options open and thought it was better for him to organise the services. 

However, it looks like her mind is made up when Harriet declares that she’s stepping down from her role at the church.

On Christmas Day, Charles is shocked when Harriet informs him on Christmas day that was her last service.

After the service, Harriet heads home, she takes one last look at St. Mary’s and removes her dog collar, bracing herself for her new future.

Will this be the end of Harriet?

Harriet, who has been a soap regular for eight years, has been involved with some dramatic storylines including the murder of DI Malone.

On Friday’s episode, Charles was gutted to learn Harriet’s plans.

“I’m always ready to listen,” she told Charles as he insisted he just wanted to sort the Christmas service plans.

“I’d rather help you through this stuff with your family if there’s anything I can do?” she said, gently nudging him to open up.

But as they chatted Charles spotted something more interesting than his own troubles.

On the coffee table, Harriet had left her application to rejoin the police force.

“What’s all this?” Charles asked her. 

“Looks like you’re thinking of moving on yourself.”

“I still haven’t decided, she said. 

“I’m keeping my options open. I just thought it was better for you to organise the services the way you want this year. 

“As for my future I’ll let you know when I’ve made my decision.”

Fans are sure Harriet’s about to rejoin the police – despite her recent criminal activities – and they think she’s perfect to catch Meena Jutla.

One wrote: “Harriet couldn’t care less about the Christmas service Charles.”

A second said: “Harriet was suspended from the police for misconduct. But is now joining the police.”

Another added: “Harriet wants to join the police force again.”

Harriet became disillusioned with her faith after covering up Malone’s murder

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