Emmerdale spoilers: Victoria Sugden and Luke Posner grow closer alarming Amy


EMMERDALEs Victoria alarms Amy when she gets too cosy with Luke and baby Harry.

Luke – who is played by actor Max Parker in the ITV soap – is the brother of Victorias rapist Lee.

Victoria is concerned when she hears Wendy has been off work for weeks

Emmerdale fans were left shell shocked when Wendy Posner and her son Luke moved to the village to continue her rapist son’s reign of terror.

Wendy was convinced that Victoria had lied about his crime and blamed her for her sons death, and has been harassing Vic and making her life miserable ever since her arrival.

However, in dramatic scenes earlier this week, the reality finally sunk in for Wendy after she overheard Victoria talking about the rape.

Vic was horrified when her and Liv walked in on Aarons one night stand trying to steal from him.

When a fight broke out between the men before the stranger fled, it gave Victoria a nasty flashback to the night of her trauma and left her shaken.

But as she confided in Liv, little did she know that Wendy had been walking the dog and could overhear Victorias words.

Victoria said: “It just sort of took me back to that night because I tried to fight Lee off and it didn’t work.

She continued: I don’t want to think about it but it’s there all the time. I’ve tried so hard but it won’t stop and I really need it to stop right now.”

Victoria and Luke cosy up with baby Harry

In an upcoming episode, Victoria is worried when she overhears that Wendy has been off for weeks.

Later, Amy is startled to see Victoria, Luke and Harry cooing over her new born baby Harry.

Shes concerned theyre beginning to look too much like a proper family.

Will she stop Victoria getting too close to Luke before its too late?

But according to fans, Luke is going to get it together with Aaron – not Victoria – in the ITV soap.

Viewers are convinced the pair are going to get it on after they ran into each other at a gay bar earlier this month.