Emmerdale spoilers: Vinny Dingle buries dead dad Paul Ashdale himself as the village refuses


VINNY Dingle buries dead dad Paul Ashdale by himself next week as the village refuses to honour the abuser.

Paul – who had been violently attacking Vinny for weeks in the ITV soap – didn’t survive last week’s wedding day explosion drama.

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Vinny walks through the village by himself behind the hearse on the day of Paul’s funeral

But next week, Vinny will remain in denial about Paul’s abusive nature as he braces himself to honour Paul’s memory. 

 As the hearse arrives outside the Dingles’, Mandy is on edge and asks Lydia to keep Vinny inside while she heads out to say goodbye to Paul her way.

Mandy struggles to control her emotions as she speaks to Paul’s coffin, telling him he doesn’t deserve a funeral.

Vinny refuses to even look at Liv when she tries to support him

But it all kicks off when Vinny walks out and hears her slagging off Paul.

Disgusted, he tells her she should be ashamed of her actions. 

Viewers will then see Vinny walking all alone through the village behind the hearse.

Vinny will remain in denial about Paul’s abuse in the coming weeks

Liv is desperate to show Vinny her support, but he refuses to even look at her.

Inside the church, Vinny tries to read out his eulogy but struggles and ends up fleeing the premises.

Emmerdale star Bradley Johnson has revealed his character Vinny will remain in denial over Paul Ashdale’s violent nature. 

Speaking about Vinny’s confusion, Bradley told Digital Spy: “Vinny’s reaction is one of confusion. He has had a year of this physical and mental abuse. He has ruined his relationship with Liv and I think he’s now lost himself completely.

“Vinny is finding it hard to comprehend how to deal with this situation. He is a broken man at the moment, with complete confusion over what to do next.

“People want to forget that it’s happened. They want to forget the bad things and just remember the good.

“Vinny is very much like that, as he has given his dad countless chances. Even after everything Paul has done, he just wants to forget all of that negative stuff and see his dad in a good light.”