Emmerdale spoilers: Vinny Dingle ‘murdered’ by dad Paul after discovering truth about his faked kidnapping


VINNY Dingle is ‘murdered’ by his dad Paul Ashdale after discovering the horrifying truth about his faked kidnapping next week in Emmerdale

The gambling addict – who is played by Reece Dinsdale in the ITV soap – staged his own kidnapping last month to trick Mandy and Liv Flaherty into paying his debts. 

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Vinny confronts Paul about his fake kidnapping

But next week, Paul will be rumbled as Vinny overhears him discussing the details of his evil scam.

Vinny’s suspicions are piqued when Paul gets the details of the kidnapping story mixed up. 

Paul beats Vinny and knocks him unconscious

Vinny confides in Liv about the inconsistencies in Paul’s story and they decide to do some digging. 

But Vinny hardly chooses the best moment to confront Paul as he starts quizzing him at his stag do, telling him he’s seen the van he was kidnapped in lying around the scrapyard. 

Paul panics and makes a call to Connor, but puts his foot in it when he doesn’t realise Vinny is listening. 

Paul fears he’s killed his son

Realising Paul staged the kidnapping to con Liv out of her inheritance, Vinny angrily confronts his dad – and tells him he’s going to tell Mandy the truth. 

Paul loses it and beats Vinny to the ground, knocking him unconscious. 

Viewers will see Paul looking at a lifeless Vinny in horror, convinced he’s murdered him.

Viewers know that next week’s attack won’t be the first time Paul has shown his violent side towards Vinny. 

Paul beat Vinny to the ground at the scrapyard last October to intimidate him into keeping quiet about the youngster discovered his dad had been gambling again.

Emmerdale star Bradley Johnson hinted at the time that the attack would be the start of a long-running abuse storyline in the ITV soap.

Talking to Digital Spy, Bradley teased: “All I can say is that this is the start of a long storyline and in traditional soap fashion, it’s not the last you’re going to hear of Paul and Vinny’s situation. 

“You’ll have to wait and see whether it’s going to get worse or better, but there’s lots more to come.”