Emmerdale spoilers: Zak Dingle returns to the village after seven months away


ZAK Dingle returns to the village next month in Emmerdale after seven months away. 

Zak – who is played by Steve Halliwell in the ITV soap – left the village earlier this year to spend lockdown in Scotland with his granddaughter Debbie.

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Zak and Debbie return from Scotland

The character had returned to Emmerdale back in March following a six month break to attend baby Eve’s christening.

But Sam and Lydia Dingle confirmed that Zack was back in Scotland during their special lockdown episode in June.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Debbie arrive back with Zak.

Debbie is furious to realise that Sarah is nowhere to be found

It won’t not long before drama kicks off as Debbie realises that Sarah is missing.

After a long search, Debbie and Charity are stunned when they find Sarah undressing and taking drugs with dealer Danny in a barn in the middle of nowhere – and demand answers. 

Sarah admits that she’s been feeling lonely and confesses to framing Ethan at the stag do for drug dealing.

Zak apologises to Belle for not having been around when she was hospitalised

Zak has been away for seven months in lockdown in Scotland

Meanwhile, Zak apologises to Belle for not being there when she got admitted to hospital.

Emmerdale viewers know that Belle has been having a mental health crisis on the soap after her ex Jamie framed her for the hit-and-run which nearly killed Moira Barton.

But Belle finally got the help she needed last month after being haunted by hallucinations of Jamie and the voice of her late mum Lisa Dingle. 

After Belle pointed a knife at Tracy thinking it was Jamie, Tracy managed to bring her back to reality and got her to hospital. 

Will Zak decide to take revenge against Jamie for what he’s put Belle through?

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