Emmerdale teases Ethan Anderson’s new romance as fans think they know who it is with


EMMERDALE has teased that Ethan Anderson will get a new romance – and fans think they know exactly who it will be with.

The lawyer – who is played by actor Emile John in the ITV soap – will next week give up on the search for his long-lost mum and instead decide that he’s ready for a new relationship.

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Ethan will soon start looking for romance

Victoria Sugden is set to convince him to give dating apps a go. 

But fans think it’s going to backfire on her and her own boyfriend Luke will end up with Ethan.

It would be a case of history repeating itself as Victoria also slept with Aaron Dingle, who later came out as gay.

Viewers know Ethan accidentally outed Max’s character Luke when he arrived in the village.

However fans think he will find Luke instead

He was friends with Luke’s ex – a man – and Luke had never told anyone about his relationship.

However it later emerged that Luke was still lying about his ex – insisting it was a one night stand, when in reality it lasted for months.

Actor Max Parker recently shared pictures from filming with Ethan actor Emile sparking fan rumours they are set to have an affair.

One wrote: “Luke’s going to fall for Ethan isn’t he? Secret gay affair incoming.”

A second said: “Catching up on #emmerdale and I like Luke’s storyline. Is there luke/ethan potential?”

Another added: “Wait but what about Luke and Ethan? Emmerdale is such a hot mess  #Emmerdale”

Will they get together or will Ethan find someone new to be with?