Emmerdale timeline blunder as Faith says she sent Nates mum Cara Robinson away but fans spot Faith left YEARS earlier


EMMERDALE fans spotted a timeline blunder as Faith claims she sent Nate’s mum Cara Robinson away from the family home – but she had already abandoned her kids years before.

The village has been rocked by the revelations that Nate Robinson is actually Cain’s son.

Cain confronted Nate on a yacht in a lake

Nate was having an affair with Cain’s wife Moira – his step-mother – in order to get back at his father who abandoned him.

Cain confronted farmhand Nate on a yacht about the affair, before Nate told him the truth of his parentage.

The yacht exploded, leaving an injured Nate to drown in the lake – until his father saved his life.

In the hospital afterwards, Nate revealed his mother is Cara Robinson, someone Cain dated years earlier.

Faith revealed what she did to her son
Nate reveals who is mum is in the hospital after the explosion

It turns out that Faith turned Cara away from the family home in order to protect her from patriarch Shadrach’s racist rage.

Shadrach threatened to burn Cara and her family to death if she didn’t leave Cain, so Faith convinced her to make a new life with the baby somewhere else safe.

However, hardcore Emmerdale fans have realised this timeline doesn’t quite fit – because Faith had already abandoned Cain and sister Chas much earlier.

Young Cain Dingle in a flashback episode – when Faith abandoned the kids and before the birth of his daughter

One person wrote: “As a hardcore #emmerdale fan. Must say I don’t understand – didn’t Faith abandon Cain & Chas when they were kids? Not when they were 20… and how much older is Nate than Debbie. My Head hurts @emmerdale”

A fan replied: “Debbie is older as she’s currently 29 (she’ll be 30 tomorrow) as she was born on the 26th of Octrober 1989.”

The first replied: “That’s what I mean so this faith covering story doesn’t make any sense.”

Another viewer wrote: “@emmerdale just caught up with Ed, can I mention that Faith left cain and chas when they were small so she wouldn’t have been there when Cara was around, you tube is a great source of info for you to help with consistency of facts. Please pass on to yr writers.”

A third added: “Hang on, when Faith came back there were flashbacks to the day she left Shadrach, Cain and Chas were young kids. So how did she and Shadrach go to see Nates mum to warn her off? Faith was long gone There’s underage sex I know but Cain was really young? confused.com.”

In a flashback episode, Cain was 12-years-old when Faith left, two years before the birth of his daughter Debbie with second-cousin Charity.

Cain was 26-years-old when he first appeared in Emmerdale. His mum returned months later in order to tell Shadrach’s brother, Zak, that he was the real father of Cain.