Emmerdale viewers disgusted as Wendy saves Liv from her seizure accusing the soap of forcing her redemption


EMMERDALE viewers were disgusted after Wendy Posner was the one to save Liv Flaherty from her seizure in tonight’s episode.

Liv – who is played by actress Isobel Steele in the ITV soap – suffered a seizure next to the river while searching for her missing brother Aaron Dingle.

Emmerdale’s Wendy was the one to save Liv

But as she had the fit at the water’s edge, badly injuring her head, she was found by Wendy.

Emmerdale viewers know that Wendy is the mother of Victoria Sugden’s rapist Lee.

She moved into the village to be closer to her unborn grandchild and has refused to accept what her son did to Victoria.

Despite Victoria’s pleas for her to leave, Wendy is determined to clear her son’s name.

Emmerdale’s Liv had suffered a seizure

Tonight, fans were left enraged by Wendy for once again saving the day with the Dingles.

Walking over the bridge, Wendy spotted Liv on the bank and rushed to help her.

She called for an ambulance and then tried to comfort Liv as she came to upset and terrified.

She said: “It’s alright love, listen to me there’s an ambulance coming. Can you remember anything that happened?

Emmerdale viewers accused the soap of trying to ‘force’ her redemption

“It might have been a fit. Come on now love, listen to me. It’s just the shock. This is absolutely normal. Have you got your phone on you? We should ring that brother of yours, shouldn’t we?”

While Wendy’s actions were nice, viewers accused the soap of trying to redeem her despite everything she and Lee had put Victoria through.

One wrote: “Would have to be Wendy that finds Liv, for f**k’s sake.”

A second said: “Hero-Wendy, victim-Wendy… Back and forth. Can we not forget in-denial-stalker Wendy please?!”

Another added: “Stop trying to make Wendy likeable!!”