Emmerdale viewers in tears as Chas gives birth to a baby girl in the Woolpack toilets


EMMERDALE viewers were in tears tonight as Chas Dingle gave birth to a baby girl in the Woolpack toilets.

The new mum was helped through the labour by Marlon after they became trapped in the men’s loos.

Chas gave birth to a baby girl

She was delighted when frantic boyfriend Paddy arrived on the other side of the door, alongside Aaron.

Behind the bar, joker Bob tried to lighten the mood by telling Mandy that at least Chas was in the right place if she needed a wee – but his gag was met with a stony face.

Paddy’s dad Bear finally managed to force the door just in time for them to see the baby arrive.

Back in the bar, Charity snapped at a drunk Bob and Mandy off as the pair sank booze while the drama unfolded.

Paddy made it at the last moment

In the absence of the paramedics, Manpreet gave the baby the once over, and there was a sigh of relief when everything was OK.

The baby’s sex took Paddy by surprise.

After the delivery, he asked: “What are we going to call him?”

Chas told him to take another look, and he soon realised his mistake.

Manpreet told them their boy was in fact a girl
The baby was introduced to the Dingles in the pub

The parents, who tragically lost their daughter Grace last year shortly after her birth, were overwhelmed with the newborn, prompting viewers to get emotional.

One wrote on Twitter: “I’m so happy Chas has had a girl especially after loosing Grace #Emmerdale”

Another posted: “Awwwww, it’s a little girl. How lovely. Congratulations, Chas and Paddy @emmerdale”

As a third said: “I just knew chas and paddy was gonna have another baby girl!! #Emmerdale”

Last night viewers couldn’t help but laugh as Marlon haplessly tried to reassure Chas as she went into labour.

As her contractions began, Marlon tried to soothe her with some calming words, saying: “Imagine that you are this beautiful flower slowly opening.

“This little boy has got a mind of his own and we are ready for anything. Your body is super-good at this. You’ll be all… loose.”

She snapped: “You were doing so well until then.”

With no means of escape, the pair tried to time her contractions based on the fact the song that was playing on the jukebox – Diana Ross hit I’m Coming Out – was three minutes long.

Last night Chas was told to imagine herself like a flower slowly opening
The light relief went down well with viewers

Fans seemed to enjoy the distraction from the intensity of Cain’s fishing trip, tweeting: “I’m really loving the Chas and Marlon scenes tonight, emotion and humour wonderfully entwined #Emmerdale”

Marlon even lay his white chef’s jacket on the floor in a nice spot near the urinals in preparation for the baby’s arrival.