Emmerdale viewers in tears as Mandy Dingle reveals she suffered traumatic hemorrhage that means she can’t have children


EMMERDALE viewers were left in tears as Mandy Dingle revealed she cannot have children after suffering a traumatic hemorrhage.

The bubbly character appeared in a special lockdown episode with adopted son Vinny, when she told the truth about not being able to have children of her own.

Mandy Dingle revealed she can’t have children

The current episodes of the soap have been filmed with social distancing measures in place with only two characters featuring in each new installment.

The stars are even doing their own hair and makeup in the absence of the full team that usually gets them glammed and ready for filming.

While having a heart-to-heart with Vinny, who Mandy cared for as her own son following his father Paul leaving them in the lurch when he was a child, admitted she is unable to have her own children after suffering the horrific health scare, but hadn’t told anyone until now.

She sobbed: “After the operation when they told me I couldn’t have kids I was devastated.”

“I am forever going to be what society calls ‘incomplete’, I am a jigsaw with missing pieces.”

Fans’ hearts broke for the assistant beautician as Twitter blew up over the shocking news.

One fan said: “@Reallisariley OMG poor Mandy, can’t believe he big secret is she CAN’T actually have kids of her own because she suffered such a terrible tragedy – a heartbreaking miscarriage #Emmerdale.”

Another tweeted: “When Mandy said she lost a baby that’s why she can’t have any children though”, which was followed by a loveheart and crying emoji.

A third asked: “@Reallisariley Mandy’s big secret is she CAN’T actually have kids of her own really? #Emmerdale “.

Vinny was absolutely devastated after hearing Mandy’s shocking news

Mandy Dingle actor Lisa Riley shared has revealed the first photos of the soap’s socially-distanced set as the cast and crew head back to filming.

Speaking on This Morning yesterday, the soap star shared glimpses from behind the scenes as she revealed bosses had to go to huge lengths to ensure the safety of everyone.

Talking about how safe the set feels, Lisa said: “I feel safer at work than I do at home or in the supermarket.”

As Phil questioned what measures they were taking, Lisa explained that the floor has been marked out to show where everyone can stand.

“We have a lady with a bamboo stick that is two metres,” she laughed.