Emmerdale viewers left screaming at the screen as Priya Sharma makes ‘HUGE mistake’


EMMERDALE viewers were left screaming at the screen as Priya Sharma kissed cheating ex Al Chapman on Wednesday’s episode.

The wedding planner – who is played by Fiona Wade on the ITV soap – was forced to undergo skin grafts earlier this year after being caught up in the maze fire during survival week.

Priya Sharma opened up to Al Chapman on Wednesday’s episode
The formerly engaged couple leaned in for a kiss

Viewers have seen Priya struggle to cope with her injuries and tonight she decided to seek comfort in her lying ex Al.

Everything began when Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) warned Belle against Al as she’s worried he may have ulterior motives to form a partnership with her.

The Woolpack landlady – who knows all about Al’s underhanded ways – relayed her doubts to Kerry who began to panic that something is going on between the pair.

Kerry then shared her fears with her daughter Amy, who reassured her that Al wouldn’t cheat and that she has nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile Al and Belle go over their business plans, but he’s left distracted when he notices that Priya is upset.

The pair end up arguing and she brands him a “slimy toerag” and a “liar”.

But despite the insults, Al begged Priya to open up to him and the pair agree to spend the afternoon together.

Al then offered his ex some words of comfort saying: “Your injuries have never changed who you are Priya – you are a strong, inspirational and beautiful woman inside and out.”

She later opened up to him about her body confidence issues – and said she no longer hated him.

As Priya reminisced on happier times, the formerly engaged couple shared a kiss.

But Priya immediately knew it was the wrong thing to do and ran off.

Viewers were furious that the businesswoman fell for Al’s charms.

One wrote: “Al is such a scumbag. Does he seriously not have any shame at all?”

Another posted: “Typical Al. Don’t fall for it Priya, the spider will catch you in his evil web.”

A third added: “I actually hate Al with a passion. Don’t go there, Priya. He will ruin your life.”

Al had an affair with Debbie Dingle last year – with both women teaming up to get their revenge on the unsuspecting cheat.

He also tried to split up Chas and Paddy Kirk when he interfered with their marriage.

Will Kerry find out about Al and Priya’s secret kiss?

Is there hope for their relationship?

The businesswoman had a moment of weakness as she fell for Al’s charms