Emmerdale viewers sickened as ‘bully’ Mackenzie stoops to twisted new low with Chloe

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MACKENZIE Boyd goes to extreme lengths to hide his affair and unborn child with Chloe Harris from Charity Dingle.

Lying has become second nature for Mackenzie – played by Lawrence Robb on the ITV soap.

Mackenzie has an idea

Chloe refuses to cooperate

Determined to get rid of Chloe, he comes up with a new plan.

Tonight’s episode saw Mackenzie pay for the deposit on a flat, hoping this will do the trick and get Chloe to leave.

Chloe, however, is not too pleased with Mackenzie’s efforts and an argument ensues between the two in the Woolpack.

She refused to leave and be “shoved off like a dirty secret.”

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Mackenzie demanded her to leave as Charity has just let him move back in.

He told Chloe: “I’m going to drive you there tomorrow. And you’re going to tell Charity that you are house sitting for a mate.”

Chloe branded Mackenzie “a bully” as she refused to go along with his plan.

Mackenzie made it clear he doesn’t want Charity finding out so she will have to move out tomorrow.

Will Chloe be bullied out of the Dales?

Viewers were left disgusted by Mackenzie demands and behaviour.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Just get lost Mack. Such a p****.”

Another wrote: “Mack is a complete tw*t honestly.”

A third penned: “You utter bullying b******.”

Asked whether Mackenzie and Charity’s relationship will survive when he inevitably gets caught out, the actor told media: “I’ve got no idea. I’m not sure. I don’t know whether Charity would forgive him or not.

“He definitely, in the coming weeks, will want to tell her. I think he gets quite close to doing so.

“But we’ll wait and see how Charity reacts when she finds out, because I don’t know what’s going to happen. I really don’t.

“You’ll see over the next month and a half, but I genuinely as the actor – as well as Mackenzie – don’t know what is going to happen when Charity finds out. She’s so fiery. It could go anywhere, really.”

As for whether Mackenzie wants to actually be a father to this baby, Lawrence said: “I think he’s been put in a massive ‘rock in a hard place’ in this kind of situation.

“He did really want to be a dad with Charity. He really loves Charity and now he is going to be a father, but it’s just with the wrong person.

“So yes he does, but he’s trepidatious about the scenario that he’s in. It’s very juicy. I think he’s not sure at this stage.

“He will come and go from it – ‘I don’t want to be a dad’, ‘I want to be a dad’. It will be like that for a while, I think.

“But I think ultimately he does. That will remain to be seen when the baby actually arrives.”

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1.

Will Charity forgive Mackenzie?

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