Emmerdale villain left for dead after brutal fight


ALEX Moore has come back to the Dales in the hopes of turning his life around and failed to stay on the straight and narrow.

When a brutal row erupts next week in Emmerdale, he’s left fighting for his life.

One Emmerdale villain is left for dead next week

Charles Anderson realises he was right all along

Alex reveals his masterplan

An altercation ensues

Billy Fletcher (played by Jay Kontzle) is shocked when his wife Dawn (Olivia Bromley) reveals that the villainous character portrayed by Liam Boyle has threatened her.

As ITV viewers will remember, Alex Moore has been causing trouble to his former partner Dawn for several months.

But in scenes due to air next week, he’s getting comfortable with his new life in the eponymous village – until Clare rudely interrupts, demanding that he finishes what he started.

In recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based drama, Alex hatched a plan to steal drugs from the local GP surgery.

However, he’s shocked to find the cabinet empty and concocts a plan B, urging Clare not to give up on him.

Meanwhile, Manpreet Sharma and Naomi Walters (respectively played by Rebecca Sarker and Karene Peter) both try to bolster him into fighting for access to his kids.

Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) also attempts to convince him to fight for his kids but he’s horrified to learn that Kim Tate and Will Taylor kidnapped and threatened him over the matter.

The vicar, who was initially cautious around Alex, heads to Home Farm to confront the couple, which leads to Dawn finding out what they’ve done and she hopes their actions won’t backfire on her case.

Secretly, Alex plots out his plan to rob the pharmacy delivery van and impersonates Dr Liam Cavanagh to find out when the van will arrive.

Dawn and Billy soon attend a court hearing to determine if they can ever get custody and adoption of both Lucas and Clemmie.

Naomi tries to encourage Alex to go to court and, later on, he sits at a junction in his car but it’s unclear which direction he will choose.

While in court, the judges states that the only way Alex could have his kids is if he was to arrive to announce his desire.

Dawn and Billy are at the edge of their seats but, unbeknownst to them, Alex is too busy wrenching open the doors of the pharmacy van and stealing all the drugs.

Charles is proven right about Alex back in the village as he discovers the drugs in his car.

Alex makes a run for it but the incensed vicar gives chase and manages to tackle him.

He then reveals he’d had a plan all along, leaving Charles broken to realise that Alex has been playing them and his daughter Naomi the whole time.

Charles tries to call the police but Alex smashes his phone and makes off with the drugs.

Frustrated by Naomi’s reaction to what he tells her, Charles grabs his keys and heads out for a drive.

Alex is found on the side of a road and on the phone to Clare but he hangs up and steps out into the road, only to be hut by a passing car.

He lies lifeless on the road while a figure walks towards him before quickly turning back and running away.

Could it be Charles?

Will he make it out alive?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Alex is hit by a car

Will he survive?