Emmerdale’s Charley Webb says ‘feral’ son Ace, 1, ‘whacks’ her as she shares frustration at ‘smacking and throwing’


EMMERDALE star Charley Webb has opened up about her parenting problems – saying her son whacks her when he’s frustrated.

Speaking about Ace, one, her youngest son with Matthew Wolfenden, she said: “He will just come up to you and whack you one.”

Emmerdale star Charley Webb spoke about her son Ace on Instagram

She earlier described the lad as “feral” saying he is going through a phrase where he “just throws everything”.

Speaking on Instagram last night, the 33-year-old Debbie Dingle star shared her difficulties with fans.

She said: “The most common answer for my ridiculously, ridiculous small human child was to ignore him when he starts smacking or throwing.

“Also, I don’t know if I have said but he doesn’t just do it in temper, he just does it.

She said the lad lashes out in frustration rather than a temper tantrum

Ace is the youngest of Charley’s three sons – after Buster, ten, and Bowie, five

“It’s not like he only does it when he’s really frustrated, just like, you know, he will just come up to you and whack you one.

“Or he’ll just walk past his toys and just fling them on the floor. He just does it, I don’t know, anyway we just choose to ignore him but we all have to be on the same page.”

Speaking about Ace’s five-year-old brother, Charley added: “I’m not sure that Bowie is going to ignore him when he whacks him around the face.

“Just going to have to see if he grows out of it – and if not, we’ll sell him.”

She added: “That’s obviously a joke.”

Charley has spoken before about the challenges of looking after her three sons Ace, Buster and Bowie, 10, during stay-at-home-measures.

Appearing on Loose Women in January she explained: “Three boys in lockdown. I mean, it’s chaos. absolute chaos.

“They’re not like these quiet little boys that will sit and play with trains.”