Emmerdales Claire King fears there will be backlash over Graham murder storyline


EMMERDALE’S Claire King fears there will be backlash over the murder of Graham Foster – and is not going on social media the next day because of it.

Fan favourite Graham (Andrew Scarborough) is brutally murdered this week and every day we will see what happened from a different suspect’s perspective.

Kim Tate is a prime suspect in the muder of Graham Foster

Claire’s character Kim Tate is a prime suspect after being rejected by the former army man.

After revealing that she still has feelings for Graham, he will lead her on before cruelly rejected her.

Then in Monday’s episode, viewers will see Kim ordering Graham’s death.

But Claire is worried about how fans will feel about this turn of events, telling the Daily Star Sunday: “Kim shows her vulnerable side and admits that she is still in love with Graham.

The pair’s love affair will come to an explosive end

“They’ve been together on and off for 20 years, and she lays her heart on the line and tells him. He leads her to believe that they’re going to get back together.

“It’s all quite cruel really. So when she disocvers that she’s been played, she decides she wants to get rid of him and orders his murder.

“Andrew has created such a unique character and he is so popular with the audience so I don’t think I’ll be going on social media after tomorrow night’s episode, they’re all going to hate me.”

ITV have already released a list of six suspects: Kim, Andrea and Jamie Tate, as well as Jai Sharma, Charity and Marlon Dingle.

Graham was planning on running away with Rhona

All have their own reasons for not liking Graham.

Andrea and Jamie had their life turned upside down when Graham suggested he could be the father of their daughter Millie – which turned out to be untrue.

Jai Sharma has his drug habit caught out after crashing his car into Graham’s.

Marlon Dingle still loves his ex Rhona, who Graham is planning on running away to France with.

And Charity blames Graham for her son taking a drug overdose.