Emmerdale’s Claire King teases end of Kim Tate as she reveals she’s moved to Spain


EMMERDALE leading lady Claire King has hinted that it might be the end for Kim Tate in the village.

Claire first portrayed soap’s first bad girl from 1989 to 1999 before returning in 2018 to wreak more havoc across the Dales. 

Claire King has hinted Kim Tate could die in Emmerdale

She has revealed her plan to spend more time in Spain

But now the star has hinted that things may be all over for Kim Tate during the 50th anniversary celebrations. 

In recent weeks, Kim has been busy preparing for her wedding to Will whilst dealing with the stresses surrounding it and her suspicions that there may be more going on that meets the eye between Will and Harriet.

But as the storm hits the village and devastation erupts in every corner and Emmerdale bosses teasing that the show will see multiple deaths, Claire has hinted it could be Kim that is the one to go.

As both Kim and Harriet find themselves in dangerous territory as the storm rages through the village, Claire suggested that Will would feel resentment towards Kim if anything was to happen to Harriet.. 

She revealed: “If Harriet doesn’t pull through, Will’s not going to be too happy. Kim does suspect there’s something going on between them. I think Will could possibly blame Kim for whatever happens to Harriet.”

She also spoke about the intensity of filming certain scenes for the dramatic week and hinting that it may be time for her to give up acting out those parts, saying: “Being thrown around the woods and in the dirt, I’m too old for that!”

The actress revealed her desire to spend more time in Spain prompting suggestion her character may be one of the unlucky ones to get killed off in upcoming scenes. 

Claire said: “But I’d also like to add that I had a lovely time in Spain so it might be Kim that goes. I don’t get much time to go there.”

Kim has featured in a variety of high-profile storylines over the years and in recent years has been involved in some trying times with her son Jamie as well as making a variety of new enemies amongst her neighbours. 

Claire’s return as Kim in 2018 featured her be dramatically pushed off the mezzanine at Home Farm and resulted in a whodunnit storyline.

Kim and Harriet find themselves in danger