Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade reveals how ‘completely shocked’ Priya will react to Al’s proposal


EMMERDALE’S Fiona Wade has revealed how Priya will react to Al’s proposal next week – and don’t worry, it’s all very positive.

The actress, who has played the office worker since 2009, opened up about her on-screen alter ego’s response to her boyfriend getting down on one knee.

Priya’s boyfriend Al Chapman asks for her hand in marriage next week

The lovebirds have kept their relationship a secret since they first starting seeing each other in March and now the dodgy business man wants to take things one step further.

During a discussion about their future, Priya mentions the idea of walking down the aisle together during the upcoming episode – to which Al replies that it is too early to think about.

Things take a complete U-turn when he later asks her to be his wife.

Fiona recently spoke out about Priya’s thoughts and feelings about taking their relationship to the next level.

Fiona has played the role of Priya Sharma on Emmerdale since 2009

Priya and Al have kept their a relationship a secret since March

She said: “She’s been through a lot in her life, and as much as she didn’t mean to bring up marriage now, actually she does want to get married in the future.

“Priya sticks to her guns, which is good. Rather than backtracking, she does say: ‘Look, I didn’t mean to mention marriage right now, but your reaction isn’t great. Marriage is something that is very important to me’.

“She has a daughter and she wants that family unit. Priya wants something to call her own and she wants that commitment.

“She has to question Al and where he’s at. Priya says if it’s not something Al wants, he should tell her now.”

The two have had to meet in places where people can’t see them

Although Priya was slightly offended at the fact that Al originally rejected her hand in marriage during their discussion, he pulled out all the bags to try and make it up to her.

Speaking about what viewers of the show can expect next week, Fiona explained: “Al organises a little picnic and he’s got champagne and everything – all of her favourite foods.

“She’s not expecting it at all, but out of nowhere, he proposes.

“She tells him that he doesn’t have to propose to make her feel better, but he seems really sure, so she’s delighted and over the moon.

Fiona admitted that Priya was happy deep down with Al’s proposal

“She’s excited and to her it’s the best news ever. Priya totally buys that.

“To her, it seems like the right time, but we’ll see if things work out between them and what’s ahead.”

However things might not be sweet for very long as Al’s big secret is soon to be revealed.

ITV boss Kevin Lygo recently hinted: “On Emmerdale, Priya is loved-up and excited about her future, but Al seems distracted by someone away from the village…”