Emmerdale’s James Hooton strips topless to show off his muscles after climbing his house


EMMERDALE’S James Hooton has impressed fans with his rippling muscles and climbing ability as he showed off his body while scaling the side of his house. 

The actor, who celebrated his 47th birthday recently, was compared to Spider Man by his Twitter followers as he traversed the bricks with ease. 

James showed off his muscles

Sharing a photo of him flexing his muscles with his followers, he wrote: “I’m 47 today!!! And I finally managed the gable end traverse of my house I’ve been trying since lockdown started!!!! 💪💪

James, who plays Sam Dingle in ITV’s Emmerdale, then added a video of him climbing up the outside wall to prove his achievement to fans. 

His thousands of followers were loving his display of raw strength and flexibility, with many gushing to tell James how great he looked. 

James started scaling the wall of his house

James just celebrated his 47th birthday

James plays Sam Dingle in Emmerdale

One fan wrote: “OMG never thought Sammy was such a DILF”

“You must have muscles of steel,” added another.

A third exclaimed: “Flippin’ ‘eck that’s impressive!!”

“Have Emmerdale got you insured for dangerous sports,” joked another.

The soap star showed off his muscles

His fans called him a DILF

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