Emmerdale’s Jay Kontzle reveals wife Mimi is pregnant with third baby saying it was ‘unplanned’ and he’s ‘sweating’

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EMMERDALE star Jay Kontzle has revealed his wife Mimi is pregnant with their third child.

The actor – who plays Billy Fletcher in the ITV soap – already shares his daughter KaiBo, six, and son Zian, four, with the artist.

Emmerdale’s Jay Kontzle is expecting his third child with wife Mimi

Jay has played Billy Fletcher in Emmerdale since 2018

Jay, 31, and artist Mimi, 32, have been married for six years and loved being part of a happy family of four.

But the soap star was given the shock of his life when his wife called him to tell him the exciting news while he was at work.

Recalling the moment it happened, Jay told OK! magazine: “Mimi called me during my lunch break on set and told me.

“I was sitting eating lunch in the sun and all of a sudden I went hot and started dripping with sweat. I was a bit shocked!

“Before that, Mimi had said she wanted to get a pregnancy test and I said, ‘A pregnancy test? That’s a lot of money that, especially with the cost of living going up.’

“Then I was in work and she decided to throw a spanner in the works over lunch!”

Their bundle of joy is due at the end of November and they have both agreed that they don’t want any more kids after as “three is the magic number”.

The married couple aren’t the only ones excited for their arrival as their two children also cannot wait to meet their new sibling.

Mimi confessed: “They can’t wait. They’re at the age where they can really help and KaiBo is like a little second mum anyway.

“Before we found out I was pregnant they had been asking for a baby, so it’s worked out perfectly for them.

“We waited until I got to 12 weeks and then we came home from the scan holding the ultrasound picture and filmed their reaction.

“They were so excited. They always say, ‘I love you, baby’ and touch my belly. This child will be really loved.”

Earlier today Jay broke the news on Instagram.

Sharing a snap of him with Mimi and their two kids, he captioned the post: “Soon to be a family of 5 ❤🫣.”

Meanwhile in Emmerdale, Jay’s character’s life couldn’t be more different.

As viewers will know, his wife Dawn’s best friend Beth died of an overdose.

She attended her funeral and saw another girl there that she used to work with as a prostitute called Jade.

Dawn found out that she was looking after her best friend’s young daughter called Clemmie, and later went round to where they lived and found the girl sleeping in a dog’s bed.

She decided to take the young girl back home.

Billy told her that she shouldn’t have taken her and reported her to social services.

The pair had an argument, but agreed that she could stay with them for one night.

The couple have been married six years