Emmerdale’s Jessie Elland teases explosive Chloe and Charity showdown after love triangle twist

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EMMERDALE’S Jessie Elland teases Charity’s discovery that Mack Boyd cheated on her.

Jessie – who plays pregnant youngster Chloe Harris – confirmed showdown with Charity after she finally learns the truth about her one night stand with Mack.

Charity works out Chloe is pregnant

Will Chloe reveal the truth about the identity of her baby’s father

Mack is currently showing no interest in being there for Chloe or the baby after their one night stand resulted in pregnancy.

But how will Charity react when she learns the truth about the identity of Chloe’s baby’s father?

Actress Jessie told the Metro: “I’m very excited what’s to come. Chloe’s been around long enough and heard enough about Charity to know how badly things could go for her if Charity does find out about her and Mack.”

This week on the ITV soap, Charity gets closer to the truth when she works out that Chloe is pregnant.

Jessie continued: “Chloe has just come back from her pregnancy scan. She goes to the Woolpack and orders an orange juice.

“Charity kind of makes a joke saying, “Oh, you’re either really boring, or you’re pregnant”. And obviously the expression from Chloe thinking ‘oh my god she knows!’ gives it away.

“Charity is clearly the last person Chloe wants to find about it, but Charity realises inadvertently she’s hit the nail on the head.”

Then Charity makes matters worse as she questions who the dad is.

Jessie added: “Chloe is squirming in discomfort. You can’t help but feel for her because Charity is actually being really lovely to Chloe and wanting to help her.

“In light of what happened with Noah, Charity has gone out of the way to be nice to Chloe. She’s says “Who’s the daddy? Is he gonna support you?” and Chloe, obviously has to lie.

“It’s awkward but also on another level, Charity is being so lovely to her and Chloe is missing out on that maternal figure, because Kerry has gone.

“She wanted someone to look after her. But there’s that awful tension that person’s boyfriend is the father of her baby.”

What will happen to the love triangle once Charity knows the truth?

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV.

Mack is showing no interest in being there for Chloe or the baby

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