Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher melts fans’ hearts as he posts video of son reading out his Santa list

Kelvin Fletcher and his son

EMMERDALE star Kelvin Fletcher has melted the hearts of his fans after posting a very sweet video of his son reading out his Santa list.

The 38-year-old actor took to social media to share the clip with his doting fans, as his adorable three-year-old son Milo read out his letter to Father Christmas.

Kelvin’s adorable son read his letter to Santa Claus

The Emmerdale star is a dad-of-four

Milo stood in front of the camera in a green jumper and trousers and read from a small bit of paper.

He adorably said: “Dear Santa Claus, have a Happy New Year.”

The tot then told his famous dad he’d like Santa to get him a spider robot, as well as a T. Rex “with a button on his bottom.”

Kelvin praised his son for reading the sweet letter aloud, before Milo asked if they could post it to Santa Claus.

Kelvin suggested they put the letter on the tree, but Milo wasn’t too keen on the idea and suggested they give Father Christmas a ring instead.

“Shall we ring him?” Kelvin asked his son, to which the youngster replied: “Yes.”

Over the top of the video, the dad-of-four wrote: “Reading out the letter he’s wrote. I. Just. Love. Him.”

It was only recently that the former soap actor was dad-shamed after sharing a video of two of his young children driving a car on the farm he owns.

Kelvin shared a video of his kids, five-year-old daughter Marnie and three-year-old Milo, driving a 4×4 over their snowy fields.

The kids could be seen waving for the camera in the video, as Kelvin wrote: “A different kind of homework.”

Both kids had a go at driving the car across the field, leaving fans in shock.

One person wrote: “Not sure I’m comfortable with that 😮,” while another said: “Not a good idea. No seat belts.”

A third added: “Not sure. Very dangerous not a good idea,” and a fourth added: “Not sure if that’s a good thing or not ??”

Despite the backlash, others commented that they used to do the same growing up and coined it as “great fun.”

It would appear Kelvin wasn’t breaking a law by letting his children drive the car as there are no restrictions for minors driving a car on private land.

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