Emmerdale’s Manpreet caught lying to husband Rishi as sister Meena arrives


EMMERDALE’S Manpreet Sharma was in shock tonight as her sister Meena turned up and exposed her lies.

The doctor – who is played by actress Rebecca Sarker in the ITV soap – had never told her husband or his family that she had a sister and Meena’s appearance in the village proved it.

Manpreet Sharma was left shocked in tonight’s Emmerdale when her sister Meena turned up

Earlier in the episode Meena found herself being knocked over after Dawn hurled a giant pepper mill at her.

She screamed in agony as Rishi rushed in and put Dawn in her place for attacking a customer.

And as his wife walked in, Rishi asked her to look over the injured woman – but hhe was left shocked when she recognised her sister.

And it was clear she had never told husband Rishi about the existence of her sister.

Meena made a dramatic arrival in tonight’s episode
Manpreet had never told husband Rishi about her sister

Instead she just looked shocked and asked: “What the hell are you doing here?”

While Rishi expressed shock at Manpreet having a sister, she wasted no time in kicking her out.

And fans were intrigued at why Manpreet would hate her sister so much.

One wrote: “Oooh even nice doctor Manpreet doesn’t like her little s****er, sorry sister!!!”

A second said: “I wonder what the backstory is between Meena and Manpreet. I wonder why they had beef years ago. I’m intrigued by this storyline.”

Another added: “Manpreet doesn’t exactly look over the moon at being reunited with her Long Lost Sister though she?”