Ex-Hollyoaks actor Stuart Manning looks unrecognisable as he reveals he’s finally landed a new role


FORMER Hollyoaks actor Stuart Manning looks unrecognisable with a big bushy beard and glasses, as he reveals he had been working on an “exciting” new role.

The 40-year-old actor played Russell Owen in the soap between 2004 and 2009 and reprised his role for a brief stint last year.

Stuart was unrecognisable with the big bushy beard

But taking to Instagram yesterday, he revealed his “massive” beard was for a new role that had unfortunately been put “on ice” amid the ongoing worldwide pandemic.

“My beard is massive, I’ve been growing it out for an exciting new role… That’s now on ice for a while because of coronavirus,” he shared.

“Should the beard stay or go? Comment below.”

In 2019 the jobbing actor took to Instagram to post a short clip, giving fans an update as he arrived at a Mercedes Benz garage in Hertfordshire for his first job of the day, delivering cars around the UK.

He had been growing the beard out for a new role

Stuart is more recognisable to fans as the shaven-headed Russ from Hollyoaks

In 2009 he also took part in I’m A Celebrity

“Another day working! #grafting#workforyourdreams #iwillgetthere,” he posted.

He said: “Morning, morning, morning. How is everyone this morning? I know it’s nice and early. I’ve been here since half 5. I’m at Mercedes, just waiting to pick up a car. So yeah, just cracking on with a bit of work, making a bit of money.

“So today going up to Crewe and then I will be bringing a car back from Crewe- hopefully it won’t be too busy with the traffic. I just got rained on, that was nice.

He continued: “Fingers crossed some castings will come in soon, we just have to wait and see. Life is how it goes, you just got to make the best of it. I hope everyone’s good. I hope everyone has a wicked day and I will catch you all later. Laters!”

The 40-year-old is now a jobbing actor

He lives with his wife and their two sons

Stuart was axed from Hollyoaks for good in November last year when his character briefly Russ returned, only to be brutally killed in a hammer attack, after he was exposed for cheating on Mercedes by sleeping with Goldie McQueen.